Discover hidden beaches with local guide

Day Trip
English, Indonesian
1 000 000 Rp per person

Get a private tour to the Parangtritis beach where you will get to see the striking black sand created from volcanic ash. You will also get to go the the big lagoon where you might get the chance to see the Panjo fish. Dinner will also be included in the tour.

What you can expect

Join me and my husband for a private tour where we will tkae you the famous Parangtritis beach. This beach is not only known as a beach resort where sand-dunes, black volcanic sand beaches and rocky cliffs meet, but also as a historical place closely linked to the mysterious legend of the Queen of the South Sea, "Nyi Roro Kidul".

After lunch we will continue our journey to Wediombo beach in Wonosari. It has a bay with white sand, which slopes gently to the sea, and you can see an unique combination between ancient volcanic stone and lime stone. This beach is perfect for sunset and swim because it is the only beach in Yogyakarta which has big lagoon and facing the west side. If you are lucky, you can see a lot of Panjo fish and ask the local to cook it for you.

For special dinner we will have Gudeg, the most famous traditional meal in Yogyakarta made from jackfruit and coconut milk. The place for dinner is also unique because it is only open after 9 pm and we can feel the night atmosphere of Yogyakarta.

This is the plan

10:00 pick up at hotel
11:00 arrive at parangtritis beach
12:00 lunch
13:00 start drive to wonosari
15:00 swim in Wediombo lagoon
17:30 enjoy the sunset with the hammock
18:30 drive back to the city
21:00 dinner "Gudeg Permata"
22:00 back to hotel

What's included

  • Pick up and drop off service from hotel
  • AC car and gas
  • Driver
  • Private guide
  • Dinner : Gudheg
  • Hammock
  • snack and fruits
  • 600 ml water per day